Looking to get into streaming? While we are not experts, we do have a lot of experience in streaming from the ground up. We have streamed from PSN, Xbox, and PC, and are happy to help others in their journey.

Just looking to stream straight from your Xbox or PSN?

Xbox Directions

PSN Directions

Using Twitch for the first time? Make sure you archive your streams

OBS Tips & Tricks

Just getting started and want to know some basics to make your stream look good but not spend all your cash, check this video out: How To Stream Like A Pro On A Budget

Getting Started with OBS? This video has some great basics and the below videos will help take it to the next level:

OBS Mic Filters For Beginners: make any mic sound better with built in OBS filters How To Green Screen In OBS: use any webcam and the built in OBS filters to green screen yourself. How To Make A Macro Keyboard: don’t want to spend the money on a streamdeck? Want to have the functions of one though, check out the video for how you can do this for less than $15 with macros. How To Stream From XBox Without Capture Card: have an xbox one and want to stream, but don’t want to spend $100 on a capture card?

Stream Elements Tips & Tricks